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Everything you need to know about Pottermore.

Here at our Pottermore page you can learn about the site with the information provided, check out the latest news, and find all the links you need for the site’s pages.

Simply, the core of Pottermore can be broken into two parts – the Experience, and the Shop. We have two separate pages that examine both of those parts. You can learn more about the Pottermore Experience here, and the Pottermore Shop here.

Information about the new features coming to Pottermore.com…

On July 31, along with the final chapters of PoA, Pottermore launched its new site. This new site was reported in June and officially announced in early July. These changes have differed the way users use the site, and are aimed to help users discover the Moments and re-visit everything effortlessly. Among the new features are a new homepagethe Story NavigatorBook Pages, and commenting under Moments and chapters. Pottermore nicely summarized all this in an Insider article, so you can refer to that for understanding.


Click here for all the latest news on Pottermore.



Pottermore Shop

Pottermore Insider

Pottermore Site Updates page via Insider

Click to see pictures from our trip to the Pottermore offices

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